Saturday, May 16, 2009


A few months ago Toby was sitting on the couch without a shirt on and Olivia climbed up onto the couch to be with her daddy. She was pointed to all kinds of things and as she pointed, Toby would name whatever it was (it was a cute little game they were playing). She started with pillow, couch, blanket, then moved on to leg, arm, head, eye, belly...etc, then she came to...nipple. Toby said nipple like it was nothing and then out of her little mouth, plain as day came "nipple". It was pretty darn funny and now she can clearly say nipple and point to her own (or anyone's for that matter).

About a month after that, she was playing the same game with me. We had named a few body parts and then came to booby. Once again, she repeated "booby". We of course thought this was oh so cute.....we were wrong....

Last week while I was shopping with Olivia, she was on a major booby kick and kept on poking my "booby" and (quite loudly) saying "booooby"! As if this wasn't bad enough, she was trying to lift up my shirt to really get my booby. After I got her to stop that we were ready to check out so we got in line and I picked her up. Now this is where it really went down hill. There was a um, well, larger-type man standing right behind us, so she pointed (well, pretty much touched) his "booby" and proudly yelled "ooh, booby, booby".

The poor man quickly turned about 3 shades of red, and left the line. I turned the same 3 shades of red and tried to apologize to no avail. We were both mortified, and Olivia was quite proud of herself for finding someone else with boobies!

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