Saturday, March 19, 2011

My 3 year old wants what?!

Anyone with young children knows that conversations with them can be interesting to say the least!  Olivia is no exception to this.  

First, I should give a bit of background info.  We have 2 nieces and a nephew who live in the same city as us, so we usually see them a few times a week.  The oldest of the three is our 12 year old niece Reesie.  She has loved Olivia since the day we brought her home from the hospital.  Reesie and Olivia have always had an amazing bond, despite the 9 year age difference.  Most weekends Reesie can be found at our house hanging out and playing with Olivia.  To say Reesie is Olivia's idol would be an understatement!

Olivia wants to do everything Reesie does. I mean everything!  Reesie plays soccer.  Olivia begged to play soccer, and now she does. (Reesie is even the coaches helper on Livy's team).  Reesie wears the crazy colored mismatched socks.  Olivia now wears the crazy socks.  Reesie has cute headbands.  Olivia is the proud owner of the same cute headbands.  So, you get the picture. If Reesie does it or has it, Olivia wants to do it or have it as well.
The other day Olivia and I were relaxing on the couch and Olivia proceeds to tell me that she want big boobies so she can wear a bra like Reesie! Apparently Olivia had been shopping with my sister-in-law and they happened to buy Reesie some bras, so that is when Olivia decided that she needed bigger boobies so she can be like Reesie!  Not so fast young lady! I still want my little girl for a while longer! No boobies yet!

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