Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm back!

Well, here we are, it's summertime again, and once again I have failed miserably at being a good blogger :o(

So, what has been going on with us in the last year you ask? Well, lots!

  • Olivia started and completed her first year of preschool. We decided on a program that was only 2 mornings a week just to get her used to being away from me and be with other kids.  I have to say, she loved every single minute of it! She not only grew height wise, but in her academics and maturity as well.  As of now our little smarty pants can identify all capital and lowercase letters, write them all, tell the sounds of about 90% of them and is also starting to sound out words when trying to write them! I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming!
  • I think we have an up and coming soccer star on our hands! This past spring was Olivia's first season of "real" soccer (not in the indoor stuff at the YMCA). We picked a program on the other side of town, closer to our new house and from the very first practice she was in love! We were so lucky to get the best coach ever! Coach Scoot truly took the time to get to know each girl (of the 7 on the team 3 of them were new and the other 4 were returning from the fall season). His guidance helped build Olivia's skill level and confidence and by the end of the season we saw a true soccer player standing before our eyes! We can't wait for the fall season to start up in August!
  • Toby has always dreamed of being a professional wrestler and this past year he finally got to begin to realize his dream!  A brand new training facility/school opened up in our area and Toby couldn't get himself signed up fast enough.  He started training last June and has done some amazing things in this short year.  It has taken some time away from family time (sometimes more than I would like), but I have realized lately just how rare it is from someone to have a lifelong dream to do something and then when given the chance be truly amazing at it. So I have changed my attitude and Olivia and I are going to make sure we travel with him to as many matches as possible, making sure that I show him my full support as he travels around the state impressing wrestling vets from all over and winning some hard fought matches as well as coming away with quite a few championship belts. I truly hope that one day all of his dreams come true and the world is watching the amazing man that I am lucky enough to call my husband! Go Ace Adams!!
  • Summer is here in full swing! Lucky for us, our new house has a pool so Olivia and I will be spending lots of time there since she is such a little fish! She is now a full fledged swimmer and can float and is currently working on her backstroke.. 2024 Olympics?....
  • Disney. Of course we have been doing our fair share of Disney! The biggest news from this year is that Olivia finally made the magical 40 inch mark! This of course meant that she could ride Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Test Track, Soarin', Star Tours, and Tower of Terror! And ride them she does! She loves every single one of those rides and begs to ride each multiple times each trip (even Tower of Terror that Daddy is scared of)! We are going on another big trip this year for her 5th birthday! We are lucky enough to be staying at the brand spanking new Art of Animation hotel and are super excited!  

Well, I think that pretty much catches you up on our lives from the past year! I cannot wait to see what the summer and fall hold for us! I'm really hoping to do a better job of keeping up here, but I'm not making promises this time!

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